RikkiI am Rikki Tahta.  I live in New York City.  It’s great !

Most of the time I have a strong faith and belief in god, and am fairly active in reaching out.  But when I sat down and really thought about exactly what I believed in, I found I didn’t really fit into any “group” or “religion”.  There’s lots I like about lots of faiths.

Open Source Faith

I would say i have a sort of open source faith  which is a basic platform of:  1) a god and 2) a need to be good to fellow men.  On top of which I add practice, stories, metaphors, experience, rituals and anything that helps me reach out  (Hence “open-source” faith).  I am comfortable with what I grew up with but that doesn’t mean what I do is any more right than others or that they don’t have some beliefs that I can’t adopt and learn from.  My personal proof and yardstick is my experience, not my logical reasoning.  I believe and search because experience has taught me it feels right and works, not because I can rationalize it.

I find god in people

So I started this project to see what other people thought and what and how they really believed (not what they would answer in a questionnaire).  Primarily because I find god in other people and nothing is more inspiring for my search than learning from others.  This is it, it’s still a work-in-progress.

This is not about me and what I happen to believe today

This is about others and hopefully finding revelation in other peoples faith, struggles and experience.  This is also thanks to everyone helping me.  So please feel free to send me your thoughts or comments or just say hello.  Just shoot an email to:

rikki  at osfaith dot com