The Demographics

The interviews were distributed as follows to match the demographics of New York City according to the 2010 census as closely as possible   Location Brooklyn 30% Queens 27% Manhattan 20% Bronx 18% Staten Island 6% Ethnicity White 37% Hispanic

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4 Sample Interviews

Frederick Queens 30s Raised Nothing Statistical Group: Independent Believer [-6]*  I grew up it was like it didn’t exist, it didn’t mean nothing, there was no God, you did what you had to do, you was responsible for your own decisions. 

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Finalized Groupings

I have finally finished analyzing the interviews and categorizing them into groups  as follows Traditionals  (36%) This is the largest category and is defined as active believers in a traditional global religion.  They are confident in their beliefs and active in

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Thanks to all who have helped so far

I have to thank everyone who has helped me so far.  I couldn’t do this on my own and so everyone here has helped get me this far. (There is no order or priority in this list). Orla: I couldn’t have

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Interview Question

Getting the Interview Interviewees were not pre-prepared.  I randomly stopped them and asked them to talk to me.  All interviewees were asked their permission to record, never asked their last name or any contact details and were offered the opportunity

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The problem of grouping

Quantitative analysis The object was to collect 200 stories, and through reading all of them maybe to find some revelation.  But the geeky side of me couldn’t resist some analytics.  So immediately after each interview I rated each person on

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The Sample Set

Coming from a business background in technology and data systems (and with no real knowledge of theology) I approached the challenge rather methodically.  I thought if I was going to interview people it would be more interesting to get an

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The people I met

The people I was amazed at how much people thought about god and how deep some of the ‘theology’ I found.  As I said before this is not about uncovering the whacky or extraordinary, on the contrary for me the

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