Read some stories and listen to some voices

100+ edited interviews and audio clips will be included in the book.   Here are some sample interviews.

 “I’ve been to every holy site in Israel. I’ve been to mosques and churches. I have been to Buddhist temples in Thailand.  I’m not sure what you would have to do for God to reveal himself….I shouldn’t have to go searching, listening, looking.  It should be some sort of cataclysmic, thunderous voice from the sky like Indiana Jones.” Mike, Manhatan

“The best explanation I ever heard of God was God was lonely so he split himself into billions of pieces, and I really like that because I’m scientific minded.  So I think if everything is energy, and everything is connected, then we are all the same thing.  We are all small pieces of a larger entity and so therefore we are all a part of God. ”  Brianne, Brooklyn

“I think it’s pretty presumptuous to assume that you are any different than an animal. What makes us different? We’re aware of ourselves so we pretend that we have God, but really we just think that we’re God.”  Aaron, Queens

“throughout your day most people have this constant stream of thought  going through their minds, all of the time….I think if you can quiet that noise just for a little bit, I think that’s where God lives.  In that present moment without any noise, that’s where I think God is at.”  Mo, Bronx

“I guess he is the one who gives you that strength.  That strength that you don’t know where you get it from, to move on and wake up every day and go wherever you have to go, and get things done.  And little miracles happen.”  Jessica, Staten Island 

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