Please Help

God in New York was funded on Kickstarter, and will now be published. Any support before launch is hugely appreciated and any likes and promotions of the Facebook page or following and re-tweeting it on Twitter 

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Thanks to everyone who has donated, tweeted, liked and helped make this happen. more than the funding it is the vote of confidence that is so touching.

Thanks of course to all the wonderful and inspiring people I talked to across the city, people I would never have met or listened to but for this project.   I also have to thank the critical help I had in getting this to the finish line; Jen on transcribing, Tom on the audio clips, Gregory and Gabriel on the videos, Jessica on the statistical analysis, Juliette to edit and keep me in line and my wife and sister for their endless encouragement.

Finally thanks to Tony Carnes and his team at NYC Religions who have been on a journey long before me


This says it best about what they do:

We are a public square for the postsecular city. People of faith, people of no faith, liberals, conservatives–all are welcomed to journey together to make this city better for all people. Our warmest feelings are toward those who help the poor, the needy, and the abused.