Thanks to all who have helped so far

I have to thank everyone who has helped me so far.  I couldn’t do this on my own and so everyone here has helped get me this far. (There is no order or priority in this list).

Orla: I couldn’t have spent so long on this without her encouragement to keep going, her support after long days and her honest help editing.

Natasha: She probably didn’t realise the enormous encouragement she gave but I would share the occasional edited interview I enjoyed with her and her obvious inspiration helped me feel it was not just me finding revelation.

Jesse:  Was my first interview, he was busking on the subway platform in Williamsburg and agreed to stop and chat to me.   He has a big soul and I often re-read his interview.  It was a great start.

All the interviewees:  For taking the time to talk and share with a stranger so openly about a subject that is usually held privately

Alan, Skip, Sarah:  reflecting the joy of faith and giving me years of inspiration

Juan, Adrian, Mohsil:  you wouldn’t be on this web site without them.

Jen:  Tirelessly transcribing all the interviews despite bad audio and strong accents, taking trouble to listen and find the right words in context

Tom: Without him there would be no audio-clips

Jessica: Without her analytics I would have no clue how to begin to organise everything

Studs Terkel: Big shoes and clearly a big heart

You:  The fact that you’re here reading this means my server is going to record a genuine hit and make me feel kinda pleased that this is of some interest




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